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Amsterdam Eastern DocklandsThe harbour function of the Amsterdam Docklands - also called Eastern Docklands Amsterdam - existed only for some 100 years. In the last decade of the 20th century the district became available for housing. A big portion of the architectonic talent in the Netherlands, together with renowned foreign colleagues, was mobilized to create a waterfront that is almost matchlessly.

Amsterdamdocklands.com is about this new architecture and urban design. The area is also an excellent example of how you can mix the past with the present time. The harbour structure with its quays and deep basins was preserved, many old buildings got a new function.

After the decline of the harbour many artists and tramps  moved to the district, introducing an era of wild culture. That's already history, but as a result gradually a culture belt arose around the banks of the river IJ. Today you'll easily  find your way in the Eastern Docklands for music and theatre, museums and expositions, and for going out or accommodation. Architecture walks have become very popular: by its history, contemporary architecture and harbour landscape the district is a fantastic area for walks. There are always guided tours. See City Walks Office.

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Fountainhead gets green light
The council of the Zeeburg district in Amsterdam has given the green light for the construction of the controversial apartement complex annex primary school Fountainhead at Sporenburg. More... 

Muziekgebouw wins Dedalo Minosse Award
The Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ received the international Dedalo Minosse Award, one of the most important architectural awards. More...

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Portal of Amsterdam's Eastern Docklands. © Visual Text, Amsterdam.