Oostelijke Handelskade and Veemkade

Photo: Lloyd Hotel (1918)

Oostelijke Handelskade is an artificial island, 2 km at length, constructed since 1875. As a matter of fact it is a part of the Rietlanden district, but few people consider it like that.

An endless row of warehouses was to be find here. Most of the warehouses have been preserved, but they got company of many new dwellings and offices, sometimes even partially built over the warehouses. That is one side of the quay.

Lloyd Hotel
The other side is commanded by old buildings of the former shipping company Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd (Royal Dutch Lloyd). Top of the bill is the monumental Lloydhotel from architect Evert Breman uit 1918. It was meant as temporarily accommodation for emigrants from East Europe to South America. Recently the building has been converted into an ordinary hotel, which is not ordinary al all. You can stay there luxerous and... ordinary.

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
On the head of the Handelskade - the name changed recently in Piet Heinkade nr. 1 – a new landmark has arosen by the Danish architects 3x Nielsen. It is the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. It contains a medium sized hall for classical music, old and modern. Part of the same project is a black box, at right angles of it. It is a house for jazz music, new accmmodation of the world famous Bimhuis, where the top of jazz music used to play.

N E W S  &  A G E N D A
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