Walk with bicycle tour

A walk in the Eastern Docklands could easily be combined with a bicycle trip to IJburg. Both districts are in the east of the city. You get a perfect overview of the recent architecture developments in Amsterdam.  

   Nescio bridge, IJburg, Amsterdam Steigereiland, IJburg, Amsterdam Bicycle bridge Jim Eyre, IJburg, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is Europe's bicycle city number one. Nowhere such excellent bicycle roads are to be find, an experience in itself. People from all over Europe come to Amsterdam to study the bicycle facilities. After a walk in the Eastern Docklands we could cycle to IJburg with a lunch in between. A lunch with atmosphere in the former passenger hall of the Royal Dutch Steamship Company (KNSM). Chic interior. Marvelous view of the river IJ.

The district has the loveliest collection of bridges in the Netherlands. City Walks Office has a special bicycle tour over at least 10 amazing bridges. Architects did since 1995 a great effort to create true pieces of art. Like Nicolas Grimshaw with his Ennaeüs Heermaburg to IJburg. Ton Venhoeven with his Jan Schaeferbrug to Java island. And Jim Eyre with the Nescio bridge, a bicycle bridge to IJburg. Altogether tens of bridges, we select some of them for the tour.

The tour runs over marvelous bank landscapes, along modern architecture and historic places. Via theDiemerpark we arrive at IJburg. There we see on the courtyard of a housing block a telephone exchange, a tennis court, a play ground, a mini park and a school playground. If you whish we get out for a while for a simple snack at Blijburg, a pleasant pavilion on a city beach. Via a very special neighborhood of IJburg with free lots and water dwellings we go back to the centre.

Information / reservations:  + 31 20-4190022 or  bf@stadswandelkantoor.nl 

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