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Amsterdam has so many things to offer. A walk can be combined with other interesting and exciting aspects. City Walks Office provides even a full day programm, if you whish. There are different possiblitities to add to the walk. A few examples:

  1. Lecture in the old warehouse Loods 6 (1918) about the Eastern Docklands with many pictures. More 
  2. Lunch in De Kompaszaal, the former passenger hall of the Royal Dutch Steamship Company (KNSM)
  3. Boat trip from the Eastern Docklands to and in the centre of Amsterdam, unbeatable experience...  More
  4. A walk in the Eastern Docklands, followed by a bicycle trip to IJburg. For a perfect overview of the recent architecture developments in Amsterdam. More

 Canal Java island, Amsterdam Kompaszaal, KNSM island, Amsterdam Bicycle bridge Jim Eyre, IJburg, Amsterdam Boat trip Amsterdam

Amsterdam is par excellence appropriate for a bicycle tour or boat trip. The city has everywhere excellent, matchlessly bicycle roads. And Amsterdam is famous because of its water, the city looks graceful, seen from the water. A walk could be start in the Eastern Docklands, after that we could cycle to IJburg with a lunch in between. Also fascinating is a walk in the Eastern Docklands, then a boat trip to the centre of the city. Maybe combined with a walk in the centre. A lunch with atmosphere could be enjoyed in the former passenger hall of the Royal Dutch Steamship Company (KNSM). Chic interior. Marvellous view of the river IJ.

Information / reservations:  + 31 20-4190022 or  bf@stadswandelkantoor.nl 

More: slide show Eastern Docklands

N E W S  &  A G E N D A
Fountainhead gets green light
The council of the Zeeburg district in Amsterdam has given the green light for the construction of the controversial apartement complex annex primary school Fountainhead at Sporenburg. More... 

Muziekgebouw wins Dedalo Minosse Award
The Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ received the international Dedalo Minosse Award, one of the most important architectural awards. More...

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Portal of Amsterdam's Eastern Docklands. © Visual Text, Amsterdam.