Fountainhead gets green light

Fountainhead, Amsterdam Eastern Docklands. Architect: Kees Christiaanse (KCAP)The council of the Zeeburg district in Amsterdam has given the green light for the construction of apartment complex Fountainhead at Sporenburg in the Eastern Docklands. Fountainhead is the 'last of the meteorites that hit the sea of low-rise' - the metaphore is from urban designer Adriaan Geuze of West 8, who developed the masterplan for Borneo and Sporenburg. The high-rise buildings are required to reach the urban density of 100 dwellings per square hectare in the Sporenburg area.

Fountainhead has a symmetrical form, with a footprint of sixty by sixty metres and a height of the same dimension. It will contain 237 studio's, two, three and four room apartments and eight studios, each with one parking place in the garage at the second and third floor. The ground floor is allotted to a primary school. The building also gets an indoor swimming pool and a fitness room. It is designed with  horizontally and vertically meandring gables and will be standing partly in the water of the Ertshaven.

View of the Sporenburg peninsula in the Amsterdam Eastern Docklands - with and without Fountainhead (left). On the right the Whale, between the two in the background the third 'meteorite' Pacman at Borneo peninsulaPrices vary from 200.000 to 750.000 euro, with an average of 300.000 euro - 3000 euro per square metre. The building is designed by Rotterdam based KCAP, the bureau of architect Kees Christiaanse. Fountainhead has been controversial for some years. Residents of the Sporenburg area fear increase of traffic, loss of a playground for children and deterioration of the environment. A recent study however indicates that no negative effects are to be expected. The results are acceptable to the district council. Residents continue their protest. More information on the project site (in dutch).


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Fountainhead gets green light
The council of the Zeeburg district in Amsterdam has given the green light for the construction of the controversial apartement complex annex primary school Fountainhead at Sporenburg. More... 

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